Glam Lab: Roll out the red carpet for Hollywood waves

ByJo Trupp Localish logo
Thursday, April 7, 2022
Glam Lab: Roll out the red carpet for Hollywood waves
How to get the vintage Hollywood waves you see on the red carpet every year!

New York, NY -- Regardless of the year's trendiest looks, there is one hairstyle you can always count on seeing on the red carpet: the iconic, vintage Hollywood waves.

Perfect for The Oscars, the hairstyle is inspired by old Hollywood glamour.

The timeless curls seem to look good on just about anyone, so achieving them should be accessible to everyone.

There's quite a few techniques out there and I tested out most of them (so you don't have to).

Turns out, there's just a few key steps to follow...

I always like to try and work with what I already have but if you're beauty closet isn't ridiculously stocked like mine, I suggest getting some rollers and extensions.

I have fine hair, so adding more hair is a game changer for me.

Since I knew I'd be filming a lot for The Oscars, I wanted something a little more permanent.

So, I went down to Mark Ryan Salon for the best tape-in extensions that last weeks!

Check out this episode of Glam Lab for the easiest tutorial to achieve Hollywood waves to feel like a movie star in no time!

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