Local art gallery hosts first L.A. solo show for renowned photographer Texas Isaiah

Residency Art Gallery first LA solo show for Texas Isaiah

BySir Lex Kennedy KABC logo
Friday, May 17, 2024
Local Gallery host first LA solo for Texas Isaiah
Local Gallery host first LA solo for Texas Isaiah

INGLEWOOD (KABC) -- Residency Art Gallery, "Flowers at Your Feet: a Cherished Horizon", the first Los Angeles solo show for Texas Isaiah's latest series installment, "blends classical techniques with sacred spaces, specifically altars to intricately intertwine the diverse facets of blooming Black Trans-masculine identity." Reu Johnson Balenciaga

This Saturday, May 18, 2024, at 6pm Super, in collaboration with Residency, hosts an artist talk with Texas Isaiah moderated by Auttrianna Ward. The talk will take place at Residency Art Gallery located at 1245 District Drive Suite 945, Inglewood, CA 90303. Join the artist and supporters RSVP here to attend

Attendees at the opening night spoke with ABC7 Community exclusively about the impact of the art opening for the Trans and Non-binary community. "My ideal dream state is anywhere where I'm free." Damaris Chambers, Sitter and Texas Isaiah's personal trainer shares his connection to the exhibit as one of the Sitters in the exhibit.

"Texas, Isaiah's work brought me out because he is a friend, and he's a brother. And, and on top of that he is an amazing creative. Like his work speaks for itself. It's absolutely breathtaking. It puts you in a dream state just to look at it, which is the goal, you know." Adedolapo Adeniji, beautifully connects his kinship with Texas Isaiah to the work

Many of the attendees opening night spoke to the importance of seeing their friends and loved ones images showcased so large on the wall as a necessary and empowering.

"I wanted to come out and support my friends, many of whom are in the show. Also, I think this is such an important show for representation. It's not often that we see such large photographs of trans black, masculine bodies. And I think that's really important to see our culture reflected back to us. And then these really precious tender moments of like, just peace, peace everywhere, and they're so good." Kandis Hutcherson

Those sentiments were echoed by another attendee during opening night. "The first thing that brought me out is community there are many people that I love and adore featured in the show. And also, of course, the person who's brought us off here, and to support art and specifically black, queer and trans culture. So it's like this are so important to support to have for spaces to bring them in. And so that's why I'm here." Reniece Charles

When we spoke with one of the Sitters featured in the show they had this to say about the exhibit. "Given the current climate this this exhibit is so important to see because it highlights rest. And I think that a lot of us Americans right now we are constantly going, going, going, hustling, hustling, hustling. We're taking in so much information through social media all the time, where our brains are active all the time, where I feel like it's important for us to highlight and prioritize rest, prioritize rest of our minds, our bodies, our hearts, our souls and our spirits. And I think that's what a lot of these photos capture is rest when it comes to your spirit. And so that I feel like it's so important for human beings across the earth to really prioritize within themselves." Damaris Chambers

For gallery hours, details on the work, and more, head to residencyart.com