'The future of the Inland Empire': Locals from San Bernardino celebrate the good of the city

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (KABC) -- Locals from the city of San Bernardino show us, and celebrate, a lesser-known side of the city. One business owner described it as a renewed effort by a local group of creative artists and entrepreneurs "bringing the city back to life."

"You think you know, but you truly don't know how great my city is," said Kendra Calvin, a San Bernardino resident. "San Bernardino to me is resilience."

"It's definitely a city that is the future of the Inland Empire," said Lyzzeth Mendoza, who grew up in San Bernardino and now works in the city.

Near the historic Route 66, you'll find a piece of American history, the site of the first McDonald's, which opened in 1948. It's also home to a McDonald's museum commemorating the fast-food franchise.

And if you're looking for a unique experience, an old favorite is Wigwam Motel. Here the guests stay in teepee-shaped rooms. The motel is one of only three remaining Wigwam Motels in the country, the unique property is home to more than a dozen village-style tepees.

Downtown San Bernardino is also going through a revitalization with a focus on the arts and new businesses.

"So we're part of a group that is working on revitalizing San Bernardino through the arts," said Duan Kellum, co-owner of Creative Grounds. "We've got a lot of life, a lot of energy, we have a lot of beautiful, intelligent, creative people bringing the city back to life."

For outdoor lovers, there's the San Gorgonio mountains or "San G" as locals call it. San Bernardino also welcomes a vibrant street vendor scene.

"You can go for a hike and then drive down into these spots where the vendors are providing you all types of meals," said Mendoza. "SB totally loves and supports our street vendors."

"The richness of this area San Bernardino is it's so diverse. So anything you want anything you can think of. It's here in San Bernardino," said Kellum.
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