Family-owned Skid Row grocery store to be sold to Black-led nonprofit

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Thursday, January 11, 2024
Family-owned Skid Row grocery store to be sold to Black-led nonprofit
A family-owned Skid Row grocery market is being sold to a Black-led nonprofit that plans to continue helping the community.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Skid Row People's Market, a beloved grocery store in the community, will soon have new owners after nearly 30 years.

Danny Park's parents Bob and May took over the store, formerly known as Best Market, in 1995.

After the death of his father, Danny took the helm and fostered a sense of belonging there with help from his mother and the local community.

"This market has been a place that offers store credit when you're running low at the end of the month, free electricity and water, fresh and affordable products, a sense of safety, security and refuge for folks living on the streets," Danny said during a press conference Wednesday outside the store.

Their mission is reflected in the images and messages on its walls. One such message reads: "joy is an act of resistance."

After nearly 30 years, the Park family decided it was time for a change and they're selling the store.

"Danny said 'I don't want a for-profit person to come in and just be about profit. I want the legacy of the market to continue,'" said Stephen Cue Jn-Marie, the founder and director of the Black-led nonprofit Creating Justice L.A.

Park is selling the store to Creating Justice L.A., which he's a part of. It has a peace and healing center in Skid Row, offers free coffee every day and aims to foster social and economic health.

"As a Korean American, this moment feels like a deep bow of veneration, respect and gratitude to the African American community," Park said.

Jn-Marie said the organization will be empowered to further address food insecurity and provide community jobs.

"We're trying to raise $300K. Not just to purchase the store, but also to continue to run our nonprofit," Jn-Marie said.

The store holds many memories, represents friendships formed and sacrifices made.

Danny's mother May said she still wants to stop by and volunteer. She's glad to know who will be taking it over.

"I'm happy. That's what Danny wanted," she said.

"The fact that Danny wanted to change the name of the store from Best Market to Skid Row People's Market says a lot," Jn-Marie said. "I think he began to give back the store to the community a long time ago."