South LA gets $60M for climate projects, including bike sharing initiatives and free Metro passes

The initiative aims to improve the way of life and climate in South L.A.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2022
South LA receives $60 million in funding for climate projects
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The initiative aims to improve the way of life and climate in South Los Angeles and one of its main goals is to help mobility for low-income residents.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti held a celebratory event on Monday to share plans for newly-acquired funding for climate projects in South Los Angeles, including a bold new initiative that promotes bike sharing and free Metro passes for thousands of people living in the area.

South LA Eco-Lab, a group of environmental and economic development projects in South L.A., received a $35 million grant from the California Strategic Growth Council.

The grant, combined with $24.6 million in funding from the city of L.A., Metro and other partners, comes out to a total of $60 million for the area.

"As part of this grant, Metro will provide free transit passes for more than 9,000 students at 15 schools in this project area," said Stephanie Wiggins with L.A. Metro. "We'll also provide more than 1,400 free passes to low income and senior aged residents."

The initiative aims to improve the way of life and climate in South Los Angeles. One of its main goals is to improve mobility for low-income residents.

Other projects include installing electric vehicles charging stations and providing electric vehicles for ride sharing. There are also street improvements planned, which include resurfacing streets with cool pavement.

It's all supposed to be in place by 2028, just in time for the Summer Games in Los Angeles.

"If we continue to make a change, a real change, then we'll see it," said Brian Jointer with the group called Strategic Concepts in Organizing & Policy Education, also known as SCOPE.

South L.A. residents say the one part they're really excited about relates to jobs and how that's going to help improve the economy in their area.