Stanley the Giraffe was not evacuated during Woolsey Fire, but is doing fine

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Tuesday, November 13, 2018
Stanley the Giraffe doing better after surviving Woolsey fire
A lot of people have been concerned about on famous Malibu resident: Stanley the Giraffe, who lives at the Malibu Wine Safari.

MALIBU, Calif. (KABC) -- A lot of people expressed concern after hearing Stanley the Giraffe was not evacuated from the Malibu Wine Safaris.

Stanley is the most talked about giraffe in California, and the internet has been very worried about him.

The Malibu Wine Safaris was hit hard by the Woolsey Fire. As the blaze rushed toward the property, the owners made a decision to let the animals out into the pasture where there was no fuel to burn. The decision drew criticism.

"We have to determine whether we shelter in place or whether we risk loading into a trailer. And particularly with exotics when you have events like this, it can get out of hand quickly and they can go into shock, and in many cases you have risk of hurting them," said Dakota Semler of Malibu Wine Safaris.

As people worried, the internet lit up with theories about Stanley's health. Word spread even further as some celebrities posted criticism about Stanley's treatment.

"What brought me out here was the social media that was talking about Stanley, who has been my patient since he was about four," said veterinarian Jennifer Conrad.

She wasn't the only one who showed up. Several other veterinarians arrived unannounced, along with some unwanted guests who tried to see for themselves.

"It's upsetting," Conrad said. "But the truth is that he's OK."

Stanley is fine; hungrier than usual and eating with gusto, and he's getting a lot more attention. They said he was a little upset Friday, but he's doing better now.

"He was traumatized. On Friday when we were up here, winds were howling and he was not happy," Semler said.

The winery lost about a dozen structures including some residences. An emu, some pigs and a sheep are missing, but they aren't giving up.

"We are still searching. We ultimately lost everything else but that's not important because most of our animals are safe and with us."