Suspect hammers off 2 statue heads outside of Montclair church

MONTCLAIR, Calif. (KABC) -- Two stone statues outside of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic church in Montclair were vandalized and the crime was caught on surveillance video.

The heads of the Virgin Mary and St. Bernadette were destroyed.

"It just tells me that nothing is sacred," Frankie Gonzalez said. "We're taught here to forgive and to pray for you, but to be honest my first reaction - it wasn't very good."

Gonzalez took photos that show the head of one of the statues lying on the lawn when the vandalism was discovered last week.

"I feel real bad. It's sad. Who would do something like that? It's horrible," Sarah Jaramillo said.

The crime was caught on surveillance video, but because it was dark and the camera was far, police do not have much information to go on in their effort to find a suspect. They said the person responsible appeared to be alone and hammered each statue until the tops broke off.

It's unclear how the church will repair or replace the statues.

"If someone doesn't have faith - that's fine and we can respect that. But for those of us who have faith or are trying to grow our faith, it's very sad and hurtful," Gonzalez said.

Montclair police said they have no evidence indicating the vandalism was a hate crime, but they're not sure of the suspect's motive.

Anyone with more information on the crime is urged to contact the Montclair Police Department at (909) 448-3600.
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