Resident of RV lot at home in Sylmar says he was offered temporary housing at a city shelter

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Friday, July 21, 2023
Resident of RV lot at Sylmar home was offered housing at city shelter
One man who just moved out of the RV lot at a home in Sylmar told Eyewitness News that all he was offered by the city was temporary housing at a shelter

SYLMAR, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Residents living at the home with more than 20 RVs in Sylmar have until Sunday to vacate the property, but some residents aren't waiting to get out of the toxic situation.

"I'm gone. I'm totally gone. I'm not going to be here any more," said the man who does not want to be identified. He says he has lived in an RV at the home for almost a year.

The man said that although he liked paying the low monthly rent, he did not like what the lot came with.

"It's not luxury living. A lot of the plumbing, you could smell it. It started getting bad now that its getting hot," he said.

On Wednesday, a judge ordered that the controversial property needed to be vacated by Sunday due to electrical and sewage problems. The order included Cruz Godoy, who owns the property and lives in the main home.

Residents of the RVs say Godoy charges them around $500 a month for each mobile home. Aerial images show there are more than 20 RVs on the property.

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Godoy faces two misdemeanors for the hazardous RV colony.

The man said that residents have fired up three to four generators since the L.A. Fire Department cut the property's power on Tuesday, which was one of the hottest days of the year in the valley.

But the big question is -- will everyone have a home come Sunday?

"We're in the process of coordinating all of those details and there's 43 individuals, I believe, that are currently being aided right now, and we're just trying to facilitate the right solution based on what their circumstances are," said L.A. Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez, whose district the RV lot resides in.

But the RV tenant who spoke with Eyewitness News said he was only promised a one-time reimbursement for lost rent and an offer of temporary shelter.

"I asked for housing. In this case, they said they couldn't. All they did, yesterday, they gave me some papers from the city for shelter. I really don't want to go to shelter. That's not for me," the man said.

The man we spoke with said he didn't know what others in the RVs were being offered. He said he'll crash with his brother for a few days and says he has a lead on a room he can rent.