Double your headache: Parking rates up

LOS ANGELES "It's going to be awful. You can't find enough quarters to pay what it is now. And it's just going to be one more thing ... Trying to find parking in itself and then finding money for the parking meter," said Maura Piazza, a Southern California driver.

The price hike is expected to start in August. Metered spaces that used to range in price from 25 to 50 cents per hour will charge a minimum of one dollar per hour. Meters that previously required 75 cents per hour will double.

Metered parking times are will also be extended to 8 p.m. in many areas. In major entertainment and shopping zones, meters will be enforced until midnight on Friday and Saturday nights.

"I think it's just a little too much now. And you have to be until 8 o'clock? So, that's a little bit ... I think it's a little too much," said Johnny Cifuentes, who is against the rate hikes.

The city currently generates $20 million a year from parking meters. The new rate hikes are expected to bring in an additional $18 million.

"I'd like to see what the funds are for ... And then to see if it makes it worthwhile. While these guys are in the public schools, and we're trying to work out funds for that ... If we could see something happen from it, that would be great," said Piazza.

"I don't know where this additional $18 million is going to go. But if it's going to go towards country, our state's, city's infrastructure, I have to say I'm for it," said Catherine DuPont, who supports the parking rate hike.

"If it's going to the police or education, it's OK, "said Michael Greborunise, who also supports the hike.

In addition, if drivers need to have a "boot" removed due to delinquent tickets, the cost will rise from $125 to $150. The higher fee is expected to bring the city an additional $745,000.

"We want to send a message that: follow the law, pay your parking tickets if you have not obeyed the law. If you haven't paid your tickets it's going to be more painful if you have tried to skirt the law in the City of Los Angeles," said Wendy Gruehl, Los Angeles City Council.


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