LAX ranked third worst airport in world

LOS ANGELES The ranking comes after about 14,000 frequent fliers were surveyed online, and according to them, LAX is the second worst airport in the United States and the third worst in the world.

It's one of the oldest, busiest and largest airports in the country, and now LAX can add a new ranking to its title: one of the worst airports in the world.

"I believe it. I do a lot of traveling around and LAX is one of the toughest terminals to come in and out of," said Theo Laksmana.

"It takes forever to get anywhere, it's hard to figure out where to go, and some terminals are really crowded," said Daniel Zomlik.

According to a survey by Airport Lounge Service Priority Pass, LAX is in fact the third worst airport in the world. From the poor facilities, to the dreaded traffic-congested loop, to the lack of power outlets, travelers here seem to have a lot to gripe about.

"Just bad food," said Maria Quiroga. "We couldn't find anywhere to eat last night because we were on a flight last night that we didn't get on. Nowhere to eat."

"The bus system is very confusing getting in and out," said Laksmana. "Even getting a rental car takes forever."

But not everyone thinks LAX is that bad -- even if you have to pay for the Wi-Fi.

"I've been to the one in Atlanta and the one in Boston and they both don't have free Wi-Fi either," said Victoria Shiao.

Back in 2000, the city spent $15 million to add multi-colored pylons outside the entrance to beautify the airport. And just last week a $1.3 billion renovation project was approved for the Tom Bradley International Terminal.

Jason Bailey just landed from Mexico City and he says LAX is just fine the way it is.

"There's nothing wrong with improving yourself, so it's always good. I wouldn't necessarily say it needs it, but it's fine," said Jason Bailey.

For now, LAX won't be getting any handouts because of this latest ranking. If anything it just confirms what a lot of travelers already knew.

"We got here two hours early. We never do that in Orange County," said Kimberly Blizzard.

"In Orange County we get there like 30 minutes early," said Kell Blizzard.

"We just expect it," said Kimberly.

Unfortunately, travelers at LAX will have to wait until 2013 before that billion-dollar makeover is complete at the Bradley terminal.

The world's worst-ranked airport is Heathrow Airport in London, England. The best went to Singapore's Changi International Airport.

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