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IE teens survive being trapped in storm drain

January 19, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
Four Victorville teenagers survived a harrowing brush with death in a storm drain.On Monday Victorville police got a call from one of the teens on a cellphone.

It was raining at the time.

Four young people, ages 19, 17, 16 and 15, were apparently trapped in a storm drain near 8th and B St. and were calling for help.

Deputies arrived at the location but were unable to locate any victims.

They began combing the area.

Deputies located the area where they believed the juveniles would likely wash out of the drain.

A deputy taking part in the search heard the victim's cries for help.

Searchers located the four under a bolted down manhole cover.

They flagged down a passing gas company truck and borrowed some tools to pull open the cover.

The four victims were hanging onto the ladder that led up to the manhole cover.

Deputies say if the victims had traveled any further into the storm drain there would not have been anything for them to cling to or climb up on.

Rescuers say water in the storm drain was about 6 feet deep.