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L.A. sees minimal rain; many await sunshine

January 26, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
Just when we were enjoying a nice break from the rain, another pacific storm has rolled into the Southland bringing with it those cold and wet conditions. Downtown Los Angeles Tuesday looked more like downtown Seattle. A steady but light rain began around 2 o'clock. It did not appear to be hampering the afternoon commute, and traffic through downtown appeared to be moving smoothly.

After last week's deluge, many residents were tired of the rain. Tuesday, they were prepared with warm clothing and umbrellas in hand.

"I'm spoiled. I'm an L.A. girl, so this is like crazy for us," said Michelle Riley, a Los Angeles resident.

"It's only gloomy if that's the way you want it. It's not gloomy to me. I like the rain," said Reseda resident Shirley Smith.

"I got stuck. My umbrella is in the car. It's hard to bring them into the courtroom anyway because you got to go through security," described L.A. resident Bill Houser.

"You know, we need the water but not like that one, but this is the last storm isn't it?" asks Monrovia resident Joe Ampren.

The good news is this storm system is expected to be much weaker than the four back-to-back storms that hit Southern California last week that dumped six inches of rain in some areas. Residents say they're a little tired of this weather. They're ready to get back to the warmer temperatures and the sunshine and hopefully that'll happen by this weekend.

Rain was drizzling in Newhall Tuesday, and residents there were also glad to see the rain was milder than the previous storm that rocked Southern California.

A few rain drops didn't bother golfers on the driving range in Valencia, but for the people driving their cars in the rain, it was time to replace the wipers that were wiped out by last week's storms.

"The big one I think was a few days ago, but new blades are always good, you know, makes you see a little bit better, keeps the road a little bit safer," said Mark Rodriguez of Stevenson Ranch.

"I don't mind the rain at all. I kind of enjoy it. It's a nice change. We had a long, hot summer. I was glad to see the weather change and the rain's great," Rodriguez added.

The usually dry and dusty Santa Clara River was raging last week, but today's rainfall was just enough to dampen the roads and not dampen anyone's spirits.

"Last week was a huge stretch right? But you know, five or six days of nothing but rain and so here we go again, but it's wonderful," said Fresno resident Terry Roy. "We need it, the state needs it and it's great."

"This isn't so bad. I'm okay with this," said Los Angeles resident Karen Knopp. "It's been good actually driving surprisingly. In L.A., once the rain hits, we all put on the brakes, and we never go anywhere but today has been pretty good."

For workers replacing a water meter, the rain was a minor inconvenience but for tow truck drivers it means big business.

"It's been all of last week, 20-hour shifts and pulling people out of the roadway. That's about it. Never get sick of rain. No rain, no money," said Rick Lopez, a tow truck driver.

If the rainfall stays minimal in Santa Clarita and if the precipitation does move northward, the snow levels aren't expected to get down to lower than 7000 feet, which means we shouldn't see any snow problems or ice problems going through the Grapevine.