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Duhamel, Bell have chemistry off screen

January 27, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
Actor Josh Duhamel and Kristen Bell team up for the romantic comedy, "When in Rome." The two celebs sat down and talked to entertainment reporter George Pennacchio about the making of the film.In "When in Rome," Kristen Bell plays a successful museum curator who finds herself in Italy for her sister's wedding. She also finds a guy, played by Josh Duhamel, who may figure into her future.

But because of something that happens while she's there, she's worried Josh and several other men are suddenly under her spell. The cast had a blast.

"To be able to withstand five idiots coming at you at once and to still keep her dignity about her and it's sort of relish in it, I think," said Duhamel.

"That is the story of my life," said Bell. "The girl didn't revolve around the guy which is 99-percent of scripts -- especially romantic comedies. You are not just playing the girlfriend role, or the girl that is heartbroken and wishing she had a boyfriend. This is a girl who didn't want any of this to come out, but five guys became obsessed with her and started to stalk her. So it was an interesting dynamic."

I was curious to know if Josh Duhamel is as charming off screen as he is on screen, so I asked Kristen Bell.

"Absolutely not, look at him, he is hideous. He is hideous. We just pop the bag over his head for eye coverage and I go through with it, and I just get through the day. Because I say, 'it's a job to look at Josh Duhamel all day.'"

"She actually lobbied for Danny DeVito to get the girl in the end," said Duhamel.

When it comes to height, Duhamel says what Bell lacks in it, she makes up for in brains.

"He is super tall. He is over a foot taller than I am," said Bell.

"That is true I am 14 inches taller. She is 5'1" and I am 6'3"," said Duhamel. "If you just stick a board underneath her then she is a big girl."

Anjelica Huston, Dax Shepard, Jon Heder, Will Arnett and Alexis Dziena also star in the new romantic comedy.

"When in Rome" is PG-13 and it hits theaters Friday.