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Recent round of rain hits Ventura County

February 9, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
Ventura County was one of the first to be hit hard by this most recent storm, and it sent a lot of people running for cover. It's usually bustling with activity and visitors on Main Street in Ventura, but the rain scattered residents and the streets seemed empty Tuesday.

"It's just a lot quieter downtown. There's really no one out at all, so it's affected business definitely," said Candice Hollowed, a Ventura merchant.

The rain arrived off the coast in the late morning hours causing some streets to be flooded and closed and catching some people by surprise.

"Actually, I didn't turn on the news or anything. I just got up and went outside," said Oxnard resident Juan Vazquez. "I just can't wait until it goes away. It's freezing out here."

"I personally like it because I get to stay at home, and we planted a lot of flowers so I am happy that they get a lot of rain," said Ojai resident Olena Kachur.

The skies opening up was not a welcome sign for everyone. Sandbags were needed in front of the Ventura County Credit Union for their grand opening celebration.

"The rain dampened it a little bit, but you know we live in Ventura. It's normally perfect here. How can you complain about one or two days?" Ventura resident Pattie Braja said.

But it's been a lot more than one or two days of rain this winter. For some Ventura County residents, the more the merrier. While for others, they are ready for steady sunshine.

"You know, this is California. You know you expect the sunshine and everything, but like I said, it is what it is," said Alexie Kaaihue, a delivery truck driver.

"Personally, sometimes I can get cabin fever a little bit, but I know that it's good for the earth and good for our crops and plants, and so it makes everything fresh and so I enjoy that," said Etienne Emanuel of Ojai.

"We need a winter of some sort, and it has to be defined by something. So the rain here is the only thing that defines it," described another Ventura County resident.

Most residents say that the rain has not been that bad, especially when considering what all the people have been dealing with in the San Gabriel foothills with those dangerous mudslides.