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Bender Ball customer surprised about bill

February 11, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
According to the Better Business Bureau, there are numerous complaints on the Bender Ball. Infomercials appear to offer the product at a reasonable price. But after you order the item, a monthly charge is automatically billed to your credit card for additional workout DVDs. Elizabeth Salas of Brea is one of thousands of people across the country who bought the Bender Ball after seeing it in a late night infomercial. She was hoping to get a better workout.

"It worked, I must say," said Elizabeth. "I was sore after the first day."

Even though Elizabeth says the Bender Ball worked, she wasn't the least bit happy when she saw her credit card bill. She had an additional charge from Bender Ball for $31.09.

"I immediately called my bank and reported fraud," said Elizabeth.

What Elizabeth didn't realize is when her husband called to order the ball at a cost of $9.99, plus shipping, they were agreeing to buy two additional workout DVD's every month for an additional charge of $19.99 a month, plus shipping. They were essentially signing up for a workout "DVD of the month" club.

"It's a scam," alleges Elizabeth. "It's a way to get your credit card and start charging."

Elizabeth says at no time during the order was she told about the extra charges, and she says at the time the Web site didn't show it either. So Elizabeth tried to get her money back, since there is a money-back guarantee. That didn't happen either. She has since closed her credit card account to stop further charges.

"I will never give my credit card number over the phone ever again," said Elizabeth.

The Better Business Bureau says they have received over 1,000 complaints about the Bender Ball's refund policy, and have given it a "D" rating. If you have plans to buy the Bender Ball, make sure you become familiar with the billing and customer service before you give them your credit card number.