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High winds whip through Antelope Valley

March 9, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
First there was rain, and now winds are hitting parts of Southern California with a high wind advisory for the Antelope Valley.It felt a lot colder than normal in Lancaster due to the high winds whipping through the city Monday night. Many residents are hoping with the start of March that spring would be right around the corner, but they were sorely disappointed.

"It's freezing. You would think by now that it would start getting warm in California, but it's still cold," said Palmdale resident Nora Zahedi.

"I hate standing out in the cold. I hate cold weather. I'm ready for summer," said another Palmdale resident Courtney Conners.

And that was the sentiment of people in the Antelope Valley Monday night. For the last few nights, temperatures have been dipping into the 30s, and not only was it cold, there was wind and even a few showers.

"It's not normal right now because it should be warming up. I mean it's almost April. It should be warming up. But the wind is here with the rain, and I think we're going to have snow, and it's March," said Sonda Hardge, a Palmdale resident.

Teric Avkins and her son were bundled up and had just come from the store with a very useful purchase, a thick blanket. They know what it takes to stay warm living in Palmdale.

"Lots of blankets, lots of socks, and a high heater bill. Very high," said Avkins.

To add to the misery, the spring fashions may be out but people right now have no need for them.

"Great colors and everything is all out and you want them and go, 'I want a bathing suit,' but then you think no, it's 30 degrees outside," said Hardge.

The winds are expected to get even wilder into Tuesday morning in the Antelope Valley with gusts anywhere from 30 to 50 mph. If you're driving a high-profile vehicle, you should remember to take it slow on the freeways, and remember to bring a coat.