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Tips on how to prepare for an earthquake

March 16, 2010 12:00:00 AM PDT
Are you ready for the big one? Consumer Specialist Ric Romero has a list of things you should keep on hand in case of an earthquake. After a 4.4 magnitude quake hit SoCal Tuesday morning, business at a local disaster supply store jumped.

"It made me think that I was not prepared enough," said Burbank resident, Denise Cataldo.

A lot of people picked up an earthquake survival kit. For a family of four, the kit will cost you approximately $50 to $150.

According to Jeff Edelstein, owner of SOS Survival, the Cataldos weren't the only ones who came by after the early morning quake.

"It has been quite busy. We have had phone orders, online sales and people coming into the store," said Edelstein. "It has been very busy."

Edelstein says a lot of people are updating outdated kits or starting new ones. He says water is at the top of the list.

"Because of the earthquake this morning, I realized that I had to change the water in my 55 gallon drums," said Burbank resident, Beth Thomas. "I am here to get the supplies to do that."

"Water is one of the most important things," said Edelstein. "If the state is saying a major earthquake hits on the San Andreas Fault it could cut off our main supplies of water to the state."

Another important item on the list is food, preferably canned or dehydrated that has a shelf life up to 25 years.

Another important thing to have is a land-line phone.

"If we have a power outage, whether it is from an earthquake or a fire, your cordless phones are not going to work," said Edelstein.

Finally, don't forget to have an emergency plan.