'LOST' cast gather to celebrate 6 seasons

WESTWOOD, Calif. The event was called, "'LOST Live: The Final Celebration," and the stars who've appeared on the show during the all the past seasons appeared to be a part of it all.

The night was also an opportunity to showcase the show's music with composer Michael Giacchino and a live orchestra. And, of course, it was an opportunity to try to glean anything about the big finale.

"If you do not cry, we have failed you miserably. I think that we'll leave it at that," teased Damon Lindelof, an executive producer of the show.

"I think, you know, we introduced this mysterious heart of the island. I think the finale better tell us more about the heart of the island," said Carlton Cuse, another executive producer of the show.

"It was like closing a fantastic book when I finished reading the script and, you know, after I did that, I had to take a few minutes just to reflect what the six years has meant to me," said Daniel Dae Kim, who plays Jin Kwon on the show.

"I was really satisfied when I read the end. I was just kind of, it was a great read and I was like good," said Jorge Garcia, who plays Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes on the show.

"I had a big smile when I finished reading. I was like, well, they did it. How did they do that? But I'm satisfied," said Josh Holloway, who plays James 'Sawyer' Ford on the show.

The producers admit the finale won't satisfy everyone, but one of their stars believes the show will keep people talking for years to come.

"Believe me, there will be enough loose ends that we, all of us who are fans or who worked on the show, will spend the rest of our lives trying to really figure it out," said Michael Emerson, who plays Ben Linus on the show.

The event was pretty much the last time for people to see the cast of "'LOST" together, and they're doing it for a good cause. The event raised money for the Coburn School of Performing Arts in downtown Los Angeles.

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