'Dancing' celebs show skin, rate competitors

LOS ANGELES (Get a dance-by-dance recap of all the action in week four of 'Dancing With the Stars.')

When it comes to the celebrities who agree to take on the "Dancing" challenge, everyone comes to the dance floor at a different level.

On Monday night the dance floor was transformed into a circular stage and each team got two scores - one for performance and one for technical skill.

Not only was the circular stage a first, but so was the amount of skin shown on the dance floor.

/*Mark Ballas*/ was just one of several stars who proudly showed a little skin in week four of "/*Dancing With the Stars*/." His partner, /*Bristol Palin*/, was decidedly partisan in voting for the best abs of the evening.

By the end of their steamy performance, Ballas was charged with transforming Palin. The dancing pro believes his partner has grown by leaps and bounds since beginning their journey. And Palin now feels more comfortable just going for it, even if it means bringing out her inner sexy.

"I was on top of her. Then I stood her up. I had her hand all up on her booty shaking it and then she ripped my shirt off," said Ballas. "And then we pretty much locked lips in the end."

/*Brandy*/ has also been brought out of her shell by her professional partner /*Maksim Chmerkovskiy*/. The singer showed a little bias when weighing in on her favorite bit of ab exposure of the night.

"Oh, I'm all Maks," said Brandy. "His abs and dance moves are the best and I'm not just saying that."

Meanwhile, professional dancer /*Karina Smirnoff*/ surveyed "/*The Situation*/" and thinks she knows who's looking the best.

"Mike is known for his abs without dancing," said Smirnoff. "His abs are pretty spectacular."

But as /*Cheryl Burke*/ pointed out, she and /*Rick Fox*/ actually started the trend last week.

"I'm so glad that we got his abs out first last week," said Burke. "Everybody just wants to be like Rick Fox."

Actress Audrina Patridge showed her sexy side Monday night while performing the Argentine Tango.

Her partner, /*Tony Dovolani*/, says he feels like an artist that is molding her into a work for all to see.

"I'm training her to do everything," said Dovolani. "She comes with no prior experience, which I'm really happy about because I am trying to transform her into a dancer."

Professional dancer /*Anna Trebunskaya*/ is working hard on transforming her partner /*Kurt Warner*/. The former NFL star also wants to learn as much as he can, while still maintaining the integrity and values that define him as a person.

"We want to do this with class and respect for our spouses and for the whole country to see that there's a way to do it and be connected, but to do it with class," said Warner.

One of the remaining nine couples will be leaving the competition Tuesday night. Watch "Dancing With the Stars" starting at 9 p.m. to see who will be sent home.

(Get a dance-by-dance recap of all the action in week four of 'Dancing With the Stars.')

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