Metrolink unveils newer, safer passenger cars

LOS ANGELES Crash tests show the new model distributes energy throughout the entire train compared with the older model.

No matter where you sit, the seat backs are higher to prevent injury in the case of an accident and the tables themselves would actually collapse to prevent additional harm.

"It looks a lot nicer than the older ones and if it does have the safety features that's a good thing because I know they've had a few problems," said Metrolink rider Bob Wright.

Metrolink has had a number of fatal accidents, including a 2005 derailment in Glendale that killed 11 and a massive collision in 2008 in Chatsworth that killed 25 people.

"Based upon simulations and engineering design, we have to assume they would have performed better," said Metrolink CEO John Fenton of the new cars.

Metrolink plans to add 137 of these cars in the next 14 months.

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