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Tim McGraw returns to film in 'Country Song'

January 3, 2011 12:00:00 AM PST
Country music superstar Tim McGraw co-stars in the country music themed movie "Country Strong," but he doesn't sing.McGraw plays the husband-manager of a troubled superstar singer played by Gwyneth Paltrow.

McGraw says the film is filled with good music, but that's not all.

"That's not what draws you in, it's the characters themselves," McGraw said. "You can believe that in this fantasy world, each character, the music really would make them stars."

McGraw kept himself more than busy while making "Country Strong" earlier this year.

His latest concert tour overlapped with his movie commitments for several weeks.

"If I'm working, I work constantly. If not, I don't do anything," McGraw said. "I'm one way or the other."

"Country Strong" is sure to draw in audiences who are fans of country music, and McGraw said if you're new to the genre, there's one place to go that will help you learn to appreciate the country sound.

"George Strait," McGraw said. "If I was going to point to someone, this is the guy you would love. Can't not love George Strait."

"Country Strong" is in limited release now. It goes wide Friday.