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5 tips to improve your skin, look younger

February 20, 2011 12:00:00 AM PST
As we age, sagging skin, under eye circles and sun spots can make our faces appear worn and fatigued. If you are tired of looking tired, here are some ways to revitalize your skin and your outlook.

Kelly Steinhorn is 38, but people tell her she looks five years younger. Except: "I have dark circles under my eyes which makes you look tired."

Plastic surgeon Craig Vander Kolk says the number one product to look for in skin care creams is Retin-A.

"Retin-A allows you to actually get products and things inside. It actually carries it into the deeper layers," said Vander Kolk.

But you can give your face a wake-up call right at home.

  1. Eat like Popeye. The lutein in 4 ounces of spinach can boost skin elasticity by 38 percent.
  2. Don't overwash. Tap water strips wrinkle-fighting oils and moisture.
  3. Don't put mascara on lower lashes -- it accentuates under-eye circles.
  4. Avoid sun damage. And boost your sun protection by eating three red peppers daily for two months. It'll help build a natural skin barrier.
  5. Cover your face for five minutes with a washcloth dipped in milk and ice cubes. The cold, plus the pH of the milk, brightens the skin.

Natural remedies help, but Kelly says Botox is still her favorite.

"I try to look the best that I can look in the short time I'm here on earth," said Kelly.

And like most of us, the less tired she looks, the better she feels.

Since smoking is the number-one cause of premature aging, kicking the habit is one more thing you can do to look younger.