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LAX flights canceled after Japan 8.9 quake

March 11, 2011 12:00:00 AM PST
Flights have come to a standstill in Japan.

At LAX more than a dozen flights were canceled, leaving travelers stranded and concerned for their loved ones.

At midnight Friday the Delta flight to Tokyo had passengers boarded and was ready to go, but it was canceled. However the flight at midnight Saturday was scheduled to leave on time.

Dozens of Japan Airlines ticket holders to Tokyo were told Friday's flight was canceled. Some travelers were OK with the cancellation. Their concern was how their families were coping back home in Japan.

"I sent an e-mail just a while ago, but no reply," said Masayuki Ichioka whose flight was canceled. "I hope that they will be fine."

"I kept calling, and actually e-mail was the best way to contact through," said Sotoru Moriya whose flight was canceled. "So after three hours I got through to my daughter, and after five hours I got through to my wife eventually."

George Shannon of Thousand Oaks sent images of one of the aftershocks at the airport in Tokyo. The reservist was trying to fly home Friday. His wife in southern California has been able to keep in touch with him through texting and e-mails.

A group of World War II veterans heading back to Iwo Jima for a reunion were concerned if they were going to fly to Honolulu and then to Guam before landing in Iwo Jima in a few days.

"I would like to go back," said veteran Wayne Devries. "I was afraid we wouldn't make it. But it looks like we are going to and I am looking forward to it."

There was one flight that left earlier from LAX to Honolulu that was turned back to southern California after the tsunami warning hit the Hawaiian Islands. But after that, flights to Hawaii were leaving on time without any delays.