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Natalie Portman shows off her comedic skills in 'Your Highness'

April 9, 2011 12:00:00 AM PDT
Oscar winner Natalie Portman pirouettes about as far away from her "Black Swan" role as you can get with her new comedy, "Your Highness."

"I always think that if you can make it interesting for yourself then hopefully it will be interesting for audiences too. And it's so fun to get to try different characters and different genres and different types of directors, it's always a big learning experience," said Portman.

"Your Highness," an adventure comedy set in medieval times, co-stars recent Oscar host James Franco and the film's co-writer, actor Danny McBride. Franco and McBride play sibling princes who team up with a warrior, played by Portman, to rescue Franco's fiancee from an evil wizard.

"I think it's sort of its own breed of comedy. I don't know that it fits in anything that's been done before. It's got its own mixture of sort of absurdist humor and just outright dirty laughs I suppose," said Portman.

Portman has enjoyed a long and diverse career since she first hit the screen as a young girl. So what are her secrets to success?

"I think always trying to have fun with what you're doing, and be good to the people around you and it all comes down to luck largely," she said.

Portman also stars in the Marvel Comics adventure film, "Thor," set to be released May 6. But all this pales in comparison to her biggest production to date: a baby due very soon.

"I have no idea what's coming and I'm sort of embracing the mystery that every day will bring," said Portman.