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Mel Gibson star power to be tested in 'The Beaver'

May 5, 2011 12:00:00 AM PDT
A domestic abuse charge coupled with anti-Semitic and racist rants have tainted Mel Gibson's reputation. We know that.

We don't know, though, if he can get back the strength he once had at the box office. But that will soon be tested with his new movie, "The Beaver."

In "The Beaver," Gibson plays a man trying to cope with life. He finds a beaver puppet in the garbage and he allows it to speak for him.

Jodie Foster, who also directs the movie, plays his wife, who loves him but is having trouble wrapping her head around what's happening.

There's no denying that Gibson gives a great performance in the movie. Some have said they will never see a Gibson movie again because of his past transgressions.

"I have no idea how people will be feeling ? if they can really put aside what they know of the public airings of a man's private life. I don't know if they can," Foster said.

Foster said she knows two Gibsons. One is one of the most beloved actors she's ever worked with in the film business.

"And then there's the man that I know very well," she said. "He's trustworthy and incredibly loyal and a great friend and delicate and sensitive and just a beautiful man."

"The Beaver" is rated PG-13. It's in theaters Friday.