Co-stars appreciate Hanks' driving force in 'Larry Crowne'


In the film, they play a married couple who have a garage sale every day.

Hanks plays their neighbor, /*Larry Crowne*/, who's fired from his job because he doesn't have a college degree. So he goes back to school to get one.

"I actually call this the real superhero movie of the summer," said Cedric. "This is a guy who shows you later in life, if you fall down, you can get back up and you can start over and that's what superheroes are made out of."

Henson says it's a movie everyone should see because you never know what's going to happen in life.

"You never know what's lying around the corner for you and you just should never be afraid of change because that's what life is all about," said the Oscar-nominated actress.

Hanks is the driving force behind "Larry Crowne," and it's something both stars appreciate.

"He wrote the movie, starred in the movie, directed the movie, did catering, he was transportation two days. I come outside and he's in the van," said Cedric.

Larry Crowne, which also stars /*Julia Roberts*/, is in theaters now.

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