'Captain America' premieres in Hollywood


Chris Evans plays the unlikely super hero helping America win World War II.

Evans said that of the many qualities in Captain America, honesty is what is most represented in him.

"I think he's a pretty direct guy and I think the way that I try to navigate all this noise is by being honest." he said.

The noise, in part, is the stardom that comes with being a superhero. There's also the excitement aspect of a superhero movie.

"The reason to see this film is it is two hours of non-stop fun, which is really what I wanted it to be," said Joe Johnston, the film's director.

The film's star initially thought otherwise, turning down the role more than once.

A fellow superhero understands the situation.

"I think of all the Marvel characters, the one that had the biggest likelihood of kind of maybe being embarrassing if it wasn't executed correctly is Captain America," said Robert Downey Jr., who played the role of Iron Man. "I can't wait to see it because people that I know in the inside track said it really did turn out well, they worked really hard and Chris delivered."

"Obviously, in retrospect, it was the right move to make but it was nerves in the beginning and I think everyone can understand that," Evans said.

"Captain America: The First Avenger" opens Friday.

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