Nationwide hunt for armed sibling fugitives


A police officer tried to pull them over in Florida a week ago, but says they shot out his tire during a high speed chase. It was all captured on his dashboard camera.

The three are also suspected of a violent bank hold up in Valdosta, Georgia. And there are reports that Ryan Dougherty, 21, sister Lee Grace, 29 and half-brother Dylan Dougherty Stanley, 26, were spotted in Tennessee.

The crime spree began the day Ryan Dougherty cut off his ankle monitoring device. He was forced to register as a sex offender a day earlier for sending explicit messages to an 11-year-old girl.

"He didn't seem to be particularly there in terms of his mentality," said Ryan Dougherty's defense attorney Robert Eddington. "There was a blank look on his face, it was hard for him to focus and look into my eyes."

Police say the three are armed and dangerous. Their mother is encouraging them to turn themselves in.

Anyone who sees them or knows their whereabouts is asked to call the FBI at 404-679-9000.

ABC News contributed to this story.

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