SpongeBob Squarepants performer gets into brawl on Hollywood Blvd


A man in a SpongeBob costume got into a fight with a pair of women on Wednesday, and the bizarre incident was all caught on video.

The video started out innocently enough. Everyone's favorite sponge was hamming it up with tourists. But then it turned ugly when SquarePants squared off with the women.

"He's a kid's character," said one local resident. "He's not supposed to be throwing down."

The /*Los Angeles Police Department*/ can't figure out who started the brawl.

"It was more of a mutual combat, where people got involved in a bit of a tussle, and it broke into a bit of a fight," said LAPD Commander Andy Smith. "No one was injured and no one wanted to press charges. We just questioned and released people, and that was the end of it."

The Hollywood Boulevard characters have a long history of trouble with the law. Several of them have been arrested when people claimed they were demanding tips for posing.

After a short ban from the boulevard, the characters were allowed to return last year. Officials said they have seen fewer fights and better behavior.

"Last year there was bad people," said Juan Diego, who poses as Spiderman. "But this year, it's nice, nice people, lovely people."

And those people said they are most often the victims in brawls like the one on Wednesday.

"I was hit in the head 17 times last year," said Christopher Mitchell, who poses as Darth Vader.

Some visitors said the characters deserve more respect.

"I got to give it up to them," said Burbank resident John Sanchez. "It's hot and they come out and they perform. But it's 'Hollyweird.' What do you expect?"

Television's porous, yellow sea creature is even getting support from one of the worst space villains ever.

"SpongeBob? I can vouch for SpongeBob," said Mitchell. "I danced with him on Soul Train for three years. He is the nicest guy in the world. He's a little skinny man, but people sock him. They do all kinds of things to him."

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