Cool Kid brings music to her community


LaJonta Jones loves to sing, and she gets to share that love when her choir group visits veterans facilities.

"When we start singing and start getting them involved, they all have a big smile on their face, give us hugs and be like, 'You really made my day,'" says LaJonta. "That's really what makes the joy of it."

At the other end of the age scale? The younger kids at LaJonta's church, whom she loves working with too.

"I get to enjoy them, watching them grow up," says LaJonta. "And knowing that one of the little kids, out of them, will see me and say, 'I want to be like her.'"

In addition to the music, LaJonta wants to teach these young ones the value of volunteering.

"I really want them to take in that it's all right to come back and help the next generation. And it's all right to show them the way," said LaJonta.

Her future plans include working on an afterschool music program aimed at kids in different neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

"If I can offer that for free and have it near a school, then that gives them a positive outlet, instead of being in gangs and getting in fights and just hanging out and causing mischief," says LaJonta.

Loving music and bringing it to people young and old makes LaJonta Jones our Cool Kid.

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