Listeria cantaloupe death toll climbs to 28


The /*Centers for Disease Control and Prevention*/ said 133 people have become ill and 28 people have died from the outbreak.

At least 26 states have had at least one case.

The tainted Colorado cantaloupes are off store shelves now, but listeria symptoms can take up to two months to appear.

Federal officials said they will continue to monitor the outbreak until at least November.

Deaths have also been reported in Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Texas and Wyoming.

Last week, the /*Food and Drug Administration*/ isolated the source of the outbreak. Investigators said listeria was found on some old, hard-to-clean packing equipment. According to the FDA report, the equipment was old, corroded and dirty.

Jensen Farms in Holly, Colo., recalled the cantaloupes Sept. 14.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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