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MeUndies vending machine sells underwear

March 1, 2012 12:00:00 AM PST
Vending machines have been known as a place to get a quick snack, not a quick pair of drawers. But Jonathan Shokrian and Barak Diskin, the founders of MeUndies.com, thought it was time to pair unmentionables with munch-ables.

"We just feel like a vending machine is a great, convenient, fun way to give people products," said Diskin. "You can put a vending machine almost anywhere."

The MeUndies vending machine is the first of its kind and is in Confederacy Boutique on Hollywood Boulevard. It only dispenses men's skivvies right now at a cost of $16 a pair.

"We make all our underwear out of micro modal, it's a very soft fabric, it's very breathable. It's like cotton but it's even more silky-feeling," said Diskin.

But plans are to expand the union suit in a machine to include women's underwear, also T-shirts, socks and more in places the founders figure people could really use a quick pair of boxers, briefs or bloomers. Places like hotels, fitness centers and airports.

"So I find myself going away for a week and I have four pair of underwear and I'm always like 'Oh man, I'm gonna have to go shopping for underwear when I arrive at my destination.' It'd be really cool to have an underwear vending machine in an airport where I can just stop by and pick up three pair before I get on a flight," Diskin said.