Exercise moves to tone, define your behind


"We definitely are made a certain way, but there are definite exercises that can make our glutes stronger and lift our booty up," said Aimee Nicotera, an Equinox group fitness manager.

Nicotera says genetics and diet play a huge role, but you can make changes with effort. For example, you can do exercises that use multi joints and muscles like a squat leg-lift combination - boosting the booty with a balance challenge thrown in.

"Anytime we incorporate balance into one of our butt blasters, we're going to get a little more bang for our buck," said Nicotera.

A leg extension on a stability ball does just that. The standing leg works hard to keep the body up right as the leg balancing on the ball lengthens and pulls in. Think slow and steady.

Nicotera is also a fan of cardio with strength, blasting backside fat by doing plyo jump squats that rev heart rate, therefore metabolism, while working legs and buns. Tracey Mallett, creator of The Booty Barre, agrees.

"It's really important that we're not only doing strength training activities, but aerobic activities also. Kind of shape the booty and keep it fired up," said Mallett.

Interval cardio bursts help set her Barre program apart from others. For example, there's the knee repeater move.

"We're working all three muscle groups: the maximus, the minimus, and the medius," said Mallett.

At the barre or chair, she likes to sculpt the backside while stabilizing pelvis muscles, bringing one knee into the chest, extending out and then pulsing for the big burn.

Leg extensions remain popular because they are just as effective for the extending leg as the one that is supporting you.

Both experts suggest one or two sets of 15 reps and then add from there.

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