'Bachelorette' Emily Maynard reveals sexiest, funniest guys


"I think Brad's a great guy. He's not my guy necessarily. But I think he's a great person who deserves the best," said Emily. "Between Brad and I there wasn't really anything to forgive on either side. It's just we're different people looking for two different things."

Emily is now the one doing the looking. She wants someone who can make her laugh, someone who has her back and a guy who wants to give her lots of babies.

She started earlier this month with 25 potential husbands. She won't say if she actually found the right guy. But:

"I can promise you it's going to be a really great season full of lots of drama -- and love," said Emily.

"I'm pretty proud to say that I am a pretty good judge of character and nothing that happened this season was really that surprising to me," said Emily. "There's a lot of drama. I was kind of expecting it a little bit just because of a couple of the guys that were around."

Emily says there is one especially bad goodbye from a bachelor not very happy he didn't get a rose.

And when it comes to all the roses she's been around on this show and on "The Bachelor"?

"I wouldn't be bummed out if I never received another rose for the rest of my life or had to hand another one out," said Emily. Does that mean she found true love?

"You never know," said Emily. "Here's hopin'."

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