'Bachelorette' picks 'funny' guy Jef Holm


Two months ago, I sat down with Maynard, and while she couldn't say much, she gave me a few clues. I even predicted Jef Holm would be in the final three.

Asked what she's looking for more than anything else, Maynard said, "Someone to make me laugh and somebody who wants lots of babies, and just somebody who has my back in everything and can bring me out of my shell and just make me laugh."

So if laughter is the top draw, in May, my unscientific survey of her bachelor's traits revealed that Holm was the funniest guy to her.

"He's so funny," Maynard said. "Always makes me laugh."

Sense of humor won the girl. Maynard chose Holm, he proposed and after a long pause, she said yes.

Holm said it was the longest few seconds of his life.

"I felt like I was sitting there forever," he said.

Engagements are common for the contestants of the "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette." Marriages? Not so much. But Maynard is optimistic about this match.

"I think ours is going to work," she said. "We're best friends, comfortable, different than any relationship. So hopefully the outcome will be different, too."

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