Pomona Public Library fighting to stay open

POMONA, Calif.

The city council already cut back on staff and operation hours to save money.

"The main goal is to maintain this beautiful library," said Pomona Councilwoman Cristina Carrizosa. "What we are doing now is calling on the community to come and support this library."

In a news conference on Monday, council members said they put the library on the chopping block as a last resort. The council has already moved $400,000 from other services so that the library can stay open until next June, rather than close next month.

But its outlook next summer is bleak.

"My message is for the city council to do something about it, to get more taxes out of us," said library supporter Adrianna Flores.

On Monday night, the council will discuss putting a new property tax on November's ballot: $38 per parcel a year, or $3.17 a month. It's about the price of a cup of Joe at your favorite coffee shop.

"I would encourage everybody to be willing to dedicate a Starbucks cup of coffee to their library," said Councilwoman Paula Lantz.

Lantz said the tax would bring in an estimated $1.5 million a year to assist the library.

The library even assembled a special task force to discuss possible solutions and is applying for state and federal grants. The council is also asking for donations online at http://friendspomonalibrary.org/.

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