Scanner sizes you up for perfect clothing fit


Because people come in all shapes and sizes it can be so difficult to find the right clothes to fit, especially with pants and jeans.

Imagine you could find the perfect size in less than 10 minutes. Meet the fitting room of the future: a size-scanner called Me-Ality.

"It helps people minimize time in the dressing room so that way they're spending less time trying to find the perfect, ideal fit," said Me-Ality Area Manager Jashel Patel.

At the Westfield Culver City Mall Lorely Turcios was looking for a pair of jeans, so she thought she would give the scanner a try.

In about 10 seconds the scanner captured her precise measurements, even though Turcios is fully clothed.

The scanner is not an X-ray -- instead it uses safe low-power radio waves that bounce off your body, making about 200,000 measurements.

Then it matches your size to the clothes in the stores in the mall that will fit you best. Then you receive a shopping profile.

The whole process takes about 10 minutes and doesn't cost you a dime. It's free. Currently Me-Ality is in the preview phase. It can be found at the Westfield Mainplace Santa Ana, Westfield Culver City, Westfield Santa Anita, Westfield West Covina and Westfield Valencia Town Center.

And men have not been left out: Me-Ality works for men too. It will measure men for pants, jeans, shorts and shirts. And yes, it's OK to suck it in.

So did Me-Ality find the perfect size for Turcios?

"It actually went really well, I'm surprised. They actually fit from the top, too, which is usually my problem, and from length," said Turcios.

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