'Book of Mormon' actors, creators talk LA show


USC graduate Kevin Mambo is part of the cast, and he likes the fact that the mystery is preserved.

"Like most live theater, it's best to see the thing live, from front to back, and not try to dissect it or take it out of context. I think that weakens the experience," Mambo said.

The show premiered Wednesday night at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood. Dozens of big name celebrities were there to catch the first show.

"The Book of Mormon" does have a reputation among those who have seen it. It's been one of the toughest tickets on Broadway. In a nutshell, "The Book of Mormon" shows us two young men who get a hard look at the real world when they're sent to Africa on a church mission.

"Things taken out of context in our show are maybe going to offend, but when you look at the whole story, and the reason everything is in there, there really is a point and there's something really smart and really moving and really kind of beautiful," said actor Jared Gertner.

"The opposites of privileged life and a very underdeveloped country coming together, and what ensues is insanity, hilarity and joy," said actor Gavin Creel.

Co-creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker received one joyous surprise with the Los Angeles production. The show's playbill contains three full page ads purchased by the Mormon Church.

"It's the best. Mormons taking out the playbill ad. It's almost like, done. We should just shut down the show. The joke is complete. You know what I mean? It's just done," Stone said with a laugh.

One tradition they brought with them from New York is that there are 26 $25 "day of" seats that are sold lottery style.

"You're in the front row. They're going to put you in a great seat for 25 bucks," Creel said.

"The Book of Mormon" will be at the Pantages Theatre until Nov. 25.

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