Cerritos High School drops varsity football team for the rest of the season


According to the ABC Unified School District, the Cerritos High School varsity football program has not only been struggling but has suffered numerous injuries in the past few years.

Effective immediately, the varsity football players will drop to a lower-level of competition and play as a junior varsity team.

"I think that's messed up and unfair to the students who do want to play football," said student Daniel Diaz.

The district says the team does not have a lot of experience and the move to junior varsity came after careful consideration.

In a statement made by ABC Unified School District's Dr. Susan Hixson, the district says "the decision has been made for safety concerns for our student athletes and will allow our program some time to develop allowing us to return to a full varsity schedule next school year."

"It lowers school spirit", said student Joseph Ramirez.

A petition is circulating to try to persuade administrators to reverse the decision.

"We've sacrificed a lot and to be honest we don't deserve this," wrote football player Nick Avila of Hawaiian Gardens.

"The move impacts not just the football team but the pep squad and band," wrote Isis Christopher of Cerritos.

Others however wonder if the move will bring out the best in the players.

"They'll probably try harder now to prove they can win a game," said student Karmneet Ahluwalia.

The district stresses the varsity football program is not being eliminated but suspended. Cerritos' first game as a junior varsity team is today.

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