Joey Fatone samples your family recipes on 'My Family Recipe Rocks'


"That's my motto, have fun with it," said Joey.

Joey may not be competing anymore, but his dance card is full. He has his own show called "My Family Recipe Rocks" on the Live Well Network.

"It was just a great idea. Go into people's homes, watch them cook," said Joey. "It's not like it's a chef, we don't have like these food 'money shots' where everything's all pretty and stuff -- it's 'Let's go in your house, see what these people are doing that have been handed down generation to generation,' maybe or something that they whipped up at home for their kids."

Is Joey more of a chef or an eater?

"Hm. I know you love your food, you're probably more of an eater. But you are a good cook too," said Joey's "Dancing With the Stars" partner Kym Johnson.

"Look at me. Of course I love eating," said Fatone. "It's the best gig you could ever have. I go to people's homes and I eat their food and I go, 'That was great! See ya!'"

And this weekend, you'll see a couple familiar faces "dishing" with Joey: His "Dancing partner, Kym Johnson, and On the Red Carpet Host Rachel Smith.

Joey and Rachel learned his Australian partner may be a whiz on the dance floor, but not in the kitchen.

"A biscuit in a can? Seriously?" says Kym on the show.

You can watch that episode Saturday night at 9 p.m. on the Live Well Network.

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