Bryan Cranston plays CIA chief in 'Argo'


Cranston plays a CIA chief who becomes part of an almost too-good-to-be-true operation to rescue six Americans trapped in Iran. The outlandish plan: to have the Americans pose as a Canadian film crew who are scouting locations for their next movie.

"The components that had to come together, that had to just work out correctly or else this would all go down, was remarkable. And the fact that it's based on a true story makes it all the more so," said Cranston. "Not only does it celebrate cooperation among countries, what can happen when people work together, when countries work together, but it celebrates the very few experiences in film where the CIA comes out to look pretty good."

It has been a busy year for Cranston. Along with his celebrated work for the past five years in the TV series, "Breaking Bad," in 2012, we've also seen him in "Total Recall," as well as "John Carter", and "Rock of Ages."

"Who knew at 56 years old I'd have opportunities like this? I certainly didn't. But when they present themselves, you need to leap, and see how far it can go," said Cranston. "I knew when meeting with Ben [Affleck] and after I read the first draft of Argo that this was something special."

Cranston said he would work with Affleck again in a minute. "Argo" hits theaters on Friday and is rated R.

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