Donation funds set up for Inglewood family in fatal shooting


Around 4 a.m. Saturday, Filimon Lamas, 30, and his 4-year-old son were shot to death in their Inglewood home. Lamas' wife, 28-year-old Gloria Jimenez, and two of their other children were also shot. They were recovering at the hospital. A fourth child was not hurt.

Detectives said they believe 55-year-old John Desmond Moses, who rented a back house on the same property as the family, shot the parents and children before setting fire to his own home, then fatally shooting himself in the head. A body found on the property was wearing body armor and holding a .38-caliber gun.

On Tuesday, the coroner positively identified the charred remains as those of Moses.

Also Tuesday, members of the Lamas and Jimenez family gathered outside the Hawthorne restaurant Lamas co-owned. The grieving family members shed tears and comforted one another as some shared stories about their slain relatives.

"What has happened to our family is inexplicable," said Carolina Jimenez. "We did not deserve to be hurt in such a manner. We are all devastated but forced to be strong because it is our only option."

Jaime Jimenez said his sister Gloria, from her hospital bed, spoke to him about the death of her husband and youngest son.

"'I'm so happy that he's not traveling in heaven alone,'" he quoted his sister. "She immediately looked up and added, 'They're smiling down at us.'"

The Inglewood Police Department has established a fund to assist the surviving members of the Lamas family. Donations can be made at:

ICE Federal Credit Union
One West Manchester Blvd, Suite 603
Inglewood, CA 90301
(310) 412-5493
The Lamas Family Donation Fund: Account No. 5223

The Hawthorne Police Department also has a Jimenez/Lamas Donation Fund for the family. The department said donations can be made at any local Wells Fargo Bank branch, or by calling the Hawthorne Wells Fargo branch at (310) 973-6279. The account number is 4122412588.

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