'Warm Bodies' review: Original film, but best for young adult crowd


Rob Corddry plays his best friend, though zombie communication is a problem when all you can do is grunt.

Generally speaking, zombies are out for blood. But when Hoult's character meets a human, played by Teresa Palmer, there may be a change of heart. And that's the twist of "Warm Bodies" -- the zombie kind of falls for the pretty blonde, and vice versa.

Is it possible for zombies and humans to co-exist? The movie explores that question. At times, it does feel zombie slow, with no way to speed things up. But it also offers a mix of action, thrills and comedy.

I give credit to "Warm Bodies" for giving us something different. I certainly didn't love it, but I do appreciate the originality. I just wish it gave me more story content to keep me interested.

But I know -- it's a zombie movie, and I accept that. I also accept that the filmmakers didn't make this movie for people my age, and that's okay. "Warm Bodies" is best suited for the young adult crowd.

"Warm Bodies" also features John Malkovich in a not too taxing supporting role.

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