Littlerock dog attack: Victim's husband speaks out


"I just lost my best friend," said Ben Devitt. "I mean our, 43 years was because we were each other's best friend."

Devitt's wife for more than four decades, 63-year-old Pamela, was mauled to death by a pack of pit bulls Thursday morning as she was walking on 116th Street East and Avenue S in her community of Littlerock.

"In the beginning she carried a big stick and she was very aware of her surroundings, and as she got more comfortable and started enjoying the walk more and more, she became less cautious," Devitt said.

Detectives say a witness in a car saw four to five dogs brutally maul the victim. They say the dogs were so aggressive that when the witness honked her horn to distract the animals, they attacked her car and began biting her tires. When a sheriff's deputy reported to the scene, one dog was still there attacking the victim. The dog came after the deputy and fled when the deputy fired at the animal several times.

"I have no animosity toward pit bulls and my wife had no animosity, we realize it's people that are responsible for their animals," Devitt said.

Animal control and sheriff's detectives took eight dogs, all but two of them pit bulls, from a home near the grizzly scene of the mauling. They said some of the dogs did have blood on them. They are waiting for DNA results to determine if the dogs are connected to the deadly attack.

Detectives say Alex Jackson, the owner of the dogs and resident of the home, is a primary person of interest in connection with the dog mauling. Jackson was arrested for possession for sale of marijuana. He posted $20,000 bail shortly before 5 p.m. Friday. He is due in court June 10.

Devitt says even though he is overwhelmed with grief, he is mustering the courage to speak out for his wife.

"It's the only reason I am out here, because I did want to put a face to the 63-year-old, so I am doing this because she needs to be respected," he said.

Devitt says he wants the community to know he is grateful for their level of concern and support during his family's time of grief.

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