Saugus Union school board member allegedly posts about Nazism


Board President Judy Umeck says she has formed a committee to investigate the allegations of misconduct against board member Stephen Winkler.

The board has scheduled a special meeting Thursday at 6:30 p.m. to address parents' concerns. Umeck says Winkler will have an opportunity to respond before the board takes any action.

Winkler has not spoken out about the accusations, but posted this message on his Facebook page:

"I have no YouTube account or I thought that I did not have one. That being said, I never posted on YouTube, but someone hacked into my email account and I do not appreciate it. The postings are an absolute contradiction of my character and I have plenty of character witnessess, that the views on YouTube are not my views. Let us get that straight right away. "Deeds not Words," said Winston Churchill. I never supported Nazism and I have never been a member of any Neo-Nazis group. The YouTube postings are an absolute fabrication and a complete lie."

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