Cool Kid's lemonade stand raises funds for breast cancer research


At 5 years old, Max Igoe had an idea that many children have. But something happened that changed the way he looked at it.

"I wanted to do a lemonade stand just for fun, originally, and my mom said it doesn't really work like that anymore, which is true," says Max. "So then I said, 'Well, what if we raise money for breast cancer research?' And it was just after my aunt passed away from it."

Now, 10 years later, Max's lemonade stand is selling drinks, snacks and donated items. He's raising money to help those affected by breast cancer. And with the hope to win the fight.

"If we can find a cure, I don't know how soon it can be, but anything that could help, it will save lives, and people will have a much better life if they don't have this terrible cancer," says Max.

As Max continues the work, he's continually reminded why he is doing this.

"The best part is meeting those people, the survivors," says Max. "Because just hearing their stories, it's really inspiring, how tough they were through all of it."

At an early age, Max learned a lesson that he tries to teach by his actions today.

"With any amount of time you can make a difference," says Max. "Even if it's a little difference, it's still a difference and you're helping out."

Cool Kid Max Igoe shows us that from young minds come simple ideas. And from those ideas, hope -- and maybe someday a solution.

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