Ben Affleck as Batman: Critics react on Twitter


As most bad guys learn, it's not smart to mess with a superhero. But is that a lesson Warner Bros. may learn as well? With Christian Bale out as Batman, the studio is bringing in a different name. It's a casting change with a lot at stake.

"They invest hundreds of millions of dollars in these movies. They really, really want the casting to be right," said Matthew Belloni, executive editor at The Hollywood Reporter.

The as yet un-named film will team up Batman with Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel. But even though Affleck is fresh off a Best Picture Oscar for Argo, some superhero fans are not doling out any accolades.

"It kind of like, I guess, ticks me off, makes me feel different about the whole movie," said one person.

Others have launched online campaigns to oust Affleck from the role. The anti-Affleck camp was quick to point out an Affleck failure: 2003's box office flop "Daredevil."

But there are plenty of people we spoke to who are looking forward to a new Batman with a cool nickname.

"What can you say? BatFleck?" one person suggested.

"He'd be good wouldn't he? He'd be good. He's good character, he makes good movies. He'd be good, I think," said Paul Tregear from Essex, England.

Belloni says comic fan hate campaigns have often been wrong in the past.

"When Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker, the entire comic book universe exploded. They thought that was outrageous. They didn't like it because at the time he was known as this sort of pretty boy actor. So I think that this is a little premature to say this movie is doomed," said Belloni.

So there's a good chance Affleck may be like Batman: take his lumps early, then go from zero to hero.

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