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Federal workers glad to be working, worried over repeat shutdown

Furloughed federal workers are glad to be back at work, but many are concerned the fix is only temporary.
October 17, 2013 12:00:00 AM PDT
After being temporarily deprived of their paychecks, furloughed federal employees were finally able to get back to work. But many workers say they're concerned the fix may just be temporary.

It's back to work for hundreds of thousands of government workers. After the 16-day shutdown, for many it couldn't happen soon enough.

"We do have mortgages, rent to pay, student loans to pay, daycare, that doesn't stop," said Manuel Avitia, who works for the IRS in Glendale.

Avitia says he is glad to be back on the job and glad to see a debt deal in place, even if it is a temporary fix.

"A couple days ago, they kept saying they had a deal, then they didn't have a deal. It just like a turn-off, so I just started watching the Dodgers," Avitia said.

That kind of frustration is shared by many, and it's still not over. Congress agreed to pay workers during the shutdown, but the details are still not clear.

"The question is 'when' now. We don't know when we're going to get paid, we have debts. I know I got like a $10 net check recently, so it's a little concerning," said Avitia.

Until that's cleared up and a more permanent budget agreement is in place, federal workers like Avitia will be tightening their belts and preparing for the worst the politicians in Washington can stir up.