Los Angeles cat limit should be 5, councilman says


City Councilman Paul Koretz wants to raise the limit to five. He says about half of the cats that come to the city's shelters are euthanized, so raising the limit would increase adoptions and cut costs.

"The most likely population to adopt more cats are ones that already have them and know the joy of cat ownership. So the people who already have three cats, increasing it to five gives us the chance to adopt many more," said Koretz.

Cat owners we talked to said they don't think there is much difference between taking care of three cats or five.

"Cats are easier and fine because all you have to do is have their litter box ready. I have their feeder and their water. Dogs, you have to give them a lot of attention. It's fine to have like four to five cats," said cat owner Liz Ramirez.

If the ordinance passes, there are conditions to having five cats in your home.

"That would mean the cats would be altered, so everything would have to be spayed and neutered. They would be indoors, and probably we're going to recommend that they all be micro-chipped as well," said Brenda Barnette with Los Angeles Animal Services.

Koretz says if everything goes according to his plan, the new ordinance would go into effect by next spring.

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