Inglewood gunman identified as 45-year-old Christopher Warsaw


Warsaw surrendered to authorities at about 9:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Authorities say the ordeal unfolded at the house of the suspect's girlfriend near 108th Street and 5th Avenue. Officers responded to a report of a family disturbance, but when they arrived, they were met with gunfire at the front door.

As more officers got there, the suspect yelled out the window that he was willing to die for his crime. As cops moved in, the gun battle intensified. Hattie Sidney, who lives next door, said she hit the floor when the gunfire erupted.

"It sounded like a war zone going on here," Sidney said. "When I got off the floor finally, I was looking to see dead bodies everywhere because I didn't know why all the shooting was going on. He was shooting, and they were shooting because he was shooting at them."

Police said the gunman was holding his girlfriend and her daughter hostage. They were released safely when the suspect surrendered.

A male officer was struck in the chest, but his ballistic vest saved his life, police said. He remains hospitalized in stable condition. A female officer suffered a minor injury when she fell trying to help the other officer. She was taken to Centinela Hospital as a precaution but has been released.

Curtis Frazier says a bullet came through his screen door while his wife was preparing Thanksgiving dinner. He was not home.

"Lucky that she was in the kitchen because if she had passed by going to the bathroom or the bedroom, it probably would have hit her," Frazier said.

Warsaw has a criminal record including a 2004 conviction for possessing a firearm by a felon and a 2009 conviction for DUI and driving without a license.

He was booked for attempted murder and is being held on $1 million bail.

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